BMDSF – Limited Reopening – July 16, 2018

Dear Friends,

We are excited to announce Boggs’ limited opening via CDF’s press release below. Please note that we added bold font to their statements that emphasize: only the existing road system and day use are allowed.

Click here for the official news release (PDF).

In the meantime, a temporary revised map is available here – URL:

Map Brochure Text:

For more information, please contact the Boggs Forest Staff directly at: 707-928-4378.

As we get more information from CDF, we’ll make sure to let the public know. Please follow us on Facebook and/or visit this Website.

Thank you all so much for your support of Boggs and FOBM’s work in the forest!

In 2015 the 76,067 acre Valley Fire burned from Cobb down through Middletown in one day driven by extreme winds and dry fuels. It is estimated that 98% of the 3,493 acre Boggs Mountain Demonstration State Forest (Forest) was impacted by the fire. Due to fire damage and the vast amount of work needed to make it safe for public use, the Forest has been closed since the fire.

Immediately following the fire CAL FIRE initiated a plan for clean-up logging and reforestation of the property. Foresters from all over the state were brought in to assess the damage to the timber and mark trees for retention based upon the fire intensity and fire damage to the tree.

In just over one calendar year over 50 million board feet of timber was harvested from the Forest. This is enough to build approximately 5,000 mid-sized homes. In addition, 21 miles of forest roads were repaired as well. Logging slash and charred vegetation were piled and burned over the last two winters.

In the spring of 2017 and 2018 there were 702,695 trees planted on 3100 acres using seeds that were collected from the Forest.

With the vast majority of the timberland on the Forest planted, and the bulk of the dead trees removed, CALFIRE will be opening Boggs Mountain Demonstration State Forest to the public for day use only starting July 16, 2018. No camping will be permitted on the Forest as the majority of the restrooms in the campgrounds were destroyed and numerous other hazards are present that would make nighttime occupancy unsafe. Over the course of the year the Forest Staff will focus on the rebuilding of recreation infrastructure, including restrooms and trail building.

As many hazards still exist on the Forest and the trail system is severely damaged by logging, public use will be limited to the existing road system. Portions of the property that still pose a hazard to the public will be off limits. The designated shooting area will be accessible to the public on August 1, 2018 but will be subject to temporary closures for Forest Staff safety while working in the vicinity. It is strongly encouraged that the public call ahead before traveling to the shooting area to verify that it is open.

“I would like to thank all the CAL FIRE personnel and private vendors who worked hard to mitigate the fire damage to this point. Although more work is needed, we are committed and pleased to open Boggs Mountain Demonstration State Forest back to the public” says CAL FIRE Unit Chief Shana Jones.

Update on Trail Maintenance and Boggs area behind Cobb Elementary, July 6, 2016

Dear Friends,

The portion of Boggs Forest behind the Cobb Elementary School is no longer accessible to the public due to the presence of logging machinery and vehicles over the next few months.

We’ve been lucky up until this point to enjoy that part of Boggs; however, as of this post (July 6th) that area is closed along with the rest of the forest on the east side of Hwy 175.

We will pass on any information as to when any part of the forest will reopen.

Until then, all trail maintenance will be on hold until we are allowed back to do work.

Thank you so much for your patience, cooperation, and enthusiasm to help restore the forest. For further questions, please contact the forest manager or forest aide at 707-928-4378.

Have a safe and pleasant summer!

Boggs Forest Manager Update, Nov. 10, 2015

The following letter went out to our email distribution list, and is a quick recap of the FOBM meeting held at Cobb Elementary School on Tuesday, Nov. 10, 2015. A more detailed summary will be available in the Dec. newsletter. To sign up for updates, please submit your request to fobmtn AT gmail DOT com.
Dear Friends,
We had a very good turnout last night at the informational FOBM meeting. Boggs Forest Manager, Nick Kent, held an excellent slide presentation of BMDSF (Boggs Mountain Demonstration State Forest) before and after the Valley Fire.
This email is intended to provide you with the attachments showing the burn severity of the area and an overlay map to help you discern which areas and trails were impacted and to what degree.
Please note that the severity is measured by CAL FIRE professionals. We as community members may have widely inconsistent opinions on what we might regard as severe, so please keep this in mind as you view the burn map and compare it to what you see from publicly-accessible roads such as Hwy 175.
FOBM is grateful for Nick’s time and outreach, and especially his gracious manner in responding to the audience’s questions. Our board and members are in strong support of the incredible work that Nick has put into managing the several agencies and research personnel, while responding to public queries in the limited time he has available. Not only has he been working with CAL FIRE and timber personnel and cleanup crews; Nick has also been working with researchers from Humboldt State and UC Davis Extension, who are monitoring many areas in the forest. Thank you all for your patience, and please know that Nick is doing his best to respond to your questions.
Kudos also to the many present and past BMDSF fire personnel and community members, such as previous forest manager Gerri Finn, who have returned and stepped up in the fire recovery phase.
A more detailed summary will be forthcoming in our next newsletter (December). The primary takeaways that we would like to leave you with here are:
  1. Please respect the forest closure. It is for your safety as well as the safety of others who may have to come and bail you out of a dicey situation.
  2. What may seem like a sacred space after a burn is in reality, a significant hazard zone. A tree that may look “OK” may suddenly fall and collapse. This is not a warning simply to frighten people. It is a common occurrence witnessed by Nick and other CAL FIRE personnel months after a burn. In addition, mammoth-scale cleanup and timber harvesting machines will be in the forest.
  3. There are hazards of stepping into depressions or holes where a tree previously stood but was burned to the ground. These depressions can be hard to detect. At least two CAL FIRE staff were injured this past year from this type of hazard.
  4. The anticipated re-opening of the forest is some time in the end of summer 2016. CAL FIRE is considering opening certain sections, but Nick cited the challenge of keeping the public from exploring other areas that are off-limits.
  5. Reforestation, tree planting, etc. will not happen until late fall/winter of 2016. Thank you to those who have enthusiastically sent their emails on wanting to help replant, but we need to wait another year before we can head out to help the foresters.
  6. FOBM will continue trail maintenance in the area behind Cobb Elementary which is still part of BMDSF but is open and mostly unscathed in the fire. The next trail maintenance day will be Sunday, Dec. 13 at 9am. Please meet at Cobb Elementary parking lot and contact David Thiessen for more info: 707-295-5972
  7. Thanks to FOBM co-founder Tim Battaglia, who provided the following link with some interesting data and photos (see last two pages with “Values at Risk” information) with regard to the post-fire watershed study:
There are many other hikes and rides in Lake County and environs (though admittedly, none as gorgeous and user-friendly as Boggs), and here are some resources to find them:
Thank you all for your care and support of Boggs.
We wish you a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving!
The FOBM Board
P.S.  Note this Friday’s meeting at the Black Rock golf course (formerly Rob Roy) on High Efficiency Home Design:


ICON_Burn Severity Boggs Mtn DSF


Hike/Ride and Leave No Trace at Boggs Mountain!

Leave No Trace hike and presentation at Boggs Mountain Demonstration State ForestThe Lake-Mendo unit of Backcountry Horsemen of California (BCHC) and the Friends of Boggs Mountain invite the community to a Leave No Trace presentation, followed by a hike/ride on Boggs trails.

This free event will take place on Saturday, July 25, beginning at 9am. We will meet at the clearing adjacent to the start of Gail’s Trail across the main parking lot.

Leave No Trace refers to a set of outdoor ethics promoting conservation in the outdoors – It is built on seven principles: plan and prepare, travel & camp on durable surfaces, dispose waste properly, leave what you find, minimize campfire impacts, respect wildlife and be considerate of others.

Lisa Daes, a Kelseyville resident and her pal “Miss Muley”, will be leading the 15-20 min. informative and entertaining talk. Lisa has been a BCHC member for over 10 years, and previously served as State Co-VP of Education. Lisa is a certified Leave No Trace trainer through the Center of Outdoor Ethics, a Wilderness Rider educator with Backcountry Horsemen, and Volunteer Wilderness Ranger with the Los Padres Forest Service.

A moderate 2-mile hike on Boggs trails led by Friends of Boggs Mountain board member, Karen Rhoads, will follow immediately after the talk. Please wear sunblock, bring a hat, water, and wear sturdy shoes. Bike and horseback riders are also encouraged to attend, and are free to explore the trails on their own after the presentation.