Horse Camp Gets New Water Tank And Trough!

Photo of horse camp at Boggs Mountain Demonstration State ForestSeveral years ago, the Lake-Mendo Unit of the Back Country Horsemen (BCH) established a horse camp on a beautiful level site at the intersection of Roads 500, 530 and 400. Paul Villanueva, President of this BCH unit, has worked hard with other volunteers over the years to add more facilities: a highline, vault toilet, and fire pit. But it has been a dilemma as to how water could be brought to the camp and made available for horses which can require 5-10 gallons of drinking water a day.

FOBM and BCH held several discussions to find an economical, low impact solution. Finally this past winter, we decided on a 2,500 gallon water tank, providing a gravity-fed trough (covered to minimize evaporation and debris) located at an elevation at least 2 feet lower than the bottom of the tank. The water would be used solely for equine consumption (with signage indicating this) so as to minimize tank refills. A float valve in the trough will regulate the amount of water drawn from the tank.

Photo of Back Country Horsemen member laying down pipe for horse trough at BoggsPhoto of installing water tank at Boggs Horse CampWe successfully acquired a grant from the Cobb Geothermal Mitigation Fund Committee for the materials. Paul planned the system, and with other BCH members, installed the tank, pipes and trough in a couple of weekends this past spring.

FOBM has committed to helping pay for the next two tank refills. With the establishment of a silent ranger at the horse camp, we hope that equestrian campers can help fund the refills as well.

Photo of horse drinking out of brand new trough at Boggs Mountain Demonstration State Forest horse camp

Photo of horse camp volunteers from the Back Country Horsemen at Boggs

We are grateful to the Cobb Geothermal Mitigation Fund Committee for their generous assistance, to the BCH volunteers who worked tirelessly on this much-needed facility, and for the great collaboration between FOBM and BCH leaders to finally make this happen!  Let us know if you’d be interested in volunteering with FOBM to support our mission to enhance the visitor’s experience at Boggs!