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Basics of sound healing

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Do you enjoy live music and other performances that make you feel inspired or energized?

What is it like to hear your favorite song? What’s the feeling like? It comes because you can identify and listen to the lyrics.

So why is it so annoying when the same song gets performed in a different way? Usually, it is the tone or the melody that is different.

It’s the sound that makes it distinct.

Sound refers to a frequency.

A frequency is a combination of frequencies. This is sound. This subconsciously influences how we feel about hearing these frequencies.

Every sound, even music, can have a different impact on us. Music can motivate, inspire, and even call us to arms.

We like one type of music.

What’s Sound Healing?

Sound Healing is the use of sound frequencies to heal a person. It is intended to bring about harmony and good-health.

Every cell in the body has a unique frequency. A malfunctioning or sickly organ can affect the entire body.

Sound has been shown to be a powerful healing tool over thousands of years. Traditional cultures still understand the healing power of sound.

David in The Bible, Egyptian Papyri and Alexander the Great.
Pythagoras, and other Pythagoras, used certain songs and incantations that had specific melodies to heal ailments of the body and mind.

Although I have written articles about scientific research and understanding resonance, I won’t get into too much detail. It is important to note that sound can be used for a variety of medical purposes.

Modern medicine uses sound waves for the removal of gall stones and kidney stones.

Patients who are undergoing dental or surgical treatment can now listen to music to ease their anxiety.

A foetus loves Mozart and Vivaldi. They soothe their heartbeats and decrease their kicking to rock music.

Slower music slows down the breathing rate.

The mother sings a song and the child falls asleep.

Music therapists are available in many settings.


Day treatment programmes

o Programmes for the Community

o Correctional Centers

o Long term care centres

Addictions and Substance abuse centers

o Schools


Private Practice

There are many sound-healing methods that can be used to treat all conditions. Thanks to the incredible work of people such as Ernest Chladni, Hans Jenny, Fabien Maman, Don Campbell and Dr. Alfred Tomatis who have spent decades studying sound’s effects.
It is their hard work and dedication that allows us to use sound and new sound equipment for our total wellbeing.

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