Forest Report,

For matters concerning scheduling a group event or other Boggs Mountain State Demonstration Forest questions, please contact the forest manager at:

Permitted Activities at BMDSF

BMDSF is open for public recreation including camping, biking, horse riding, hiking and hunting. With the exception of areas undergoing active timber operations, all of the 3493-acre forest is open for public access. BMDSF also permits the collection of a wide range of non-timber forest products for personal and small-scale commercial use.

Minor Forest Products
The Department currently offers the public and private commercial interests the opportunity to purchase minor forest products, subject to specific rules and constraints. At present, permits can be purchased for collection of products including salvage sawlogs, poles, split products, greenery (e.g. boughs, shrubs, and ferns), rocks, and firewood. Class I sale permits are issued for the collection of these minor forest products.

Firewood permits are available from the State Forest from April 1 to October 31. Firewood collection permits can be purchased for personal and commercial purposes after payment of a fee. Commercial producers are responsible for payment of all applicable taxes. Firewood collection is permitted on the entire ownership and is generally subject to constraints such as dead and down material only, no off-road driving, and weather conditions. Campers, picnickers and other recreational users may gather dead wood lying on the ground for use within the state forest.

No person shall remove firewood or other forest products from any state forests without the written consent of the state forest manager. CA Code of Regulations ยง 1415. Firewood

Permits to collect greenery are available to the public. Very little of this activity occurs as a general rule, but a few permits are issued every year. In recent years, permits have been issued for the collection of dogwood boughs and flowers. Payment varies by product, being either on a volume basis or an item basis.

Rock collection permits may be purchased for personal use. Collection volume is limited primarily through price.

Poles and Split Products
Permits may be purchased for collection and manufacture of poles and split products. Payment is made on an item or volume basis, and the purchaser is responsible for payment of all applicable taxes.