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Singing – Sound of Music

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The ‘Sound of Music’ and singing are often the only thing that binds us together. Singing and the’sound’ of music can often be a source of inspiration and can have a lasting impact that lasts a lifetime.

When we sing in unison, it is a sign of our passion for life, the country, our favorite sports team, and our families. Many times, we sing in unison with patriotic pride at such occasions – “United We Stand, Divided we Fall” Singing is the key to our happiness; music is our constant inspiration.

Music inspires us. The ‘hairs on our bodies’ will explode when we’re inspired by it. When you’re excited, your whole body explodes with passion. You feel the ‘Sound of Music’.

Music has no borders. It spans all continents and touches every corner of the globe. Music is what brings us all together. There are many musical rhythms, sounds and beats. Each continent has its own unique influence, and Africa is no exception. Every type of music today is influenced by the African roots of African music.

Every type and sound of music is influenced by other music styles and cultures. This is one of many fascinating aspects when studying different types of music. Everyday sounds are more influenced by continental musical traditions. Mixing and blending different music styles can result in a variety of musical genres.

Multi-talented people would be welcome anywhere in the world. Music can be your passport wherever you are. It transcends all languages and borders. It transcends all languages and international barriers. I am often asked the question “How could the world survive without music?” Sing with passion, joy, pride, happiness, sadness, and most importantly, inspire others with music to live the life you desire. Marching together ‘Singing The Sound of Music’

Enjoy a wonderful day

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