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Sound and Music, Transforming Vibrations

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Music can move the soul to transformation. All forms of sound are powerful healing tools. My life was saved by homeopathy, which states that sound can cure all kinds of disorders.

A few years back, I noticed a high pitch in my left ear. It was annoying and eventually led to some hearing loss. I researched and discovered Tinnitus is the medical term for the sounds in your ear. I found a pitch that was similar to the sound in my ears and created a “like cures like”. It took some effort to get a hum of the exact same pitch. The sound vanished almost instantly. After the initial sound, the sound returned several times. Each time I made the matching sound, it vanished. After several applications, the sound vanished completely.

My sinus problem was another example of sound healing. They could clog my sinuses and cause severe pain above and near my eyes. After seeing the success with my ears, I placed a “hum” (tongue on the roof of the mouth with separated teeth) and hummed different pitches into the sinus tissues. The sinus would soon begin to drain. Amazingly, my sinus problems vanished after just a few minutes of using sound.

The rhythm of life has been a fundamental principle for thousands of years in ancient cultures. The sounds of nature and drums stimulated and relaxed man’s soul. Music is used to induce tranquility and motivate. The beating drums drowned out dying men’s screams in ancient battles. Music activates feelings love and spiritual connection. Music is essential for life. Without it, life can become dull and boring.

Many meditation techniques use primordial sound, which originated in ancient India.

These are the unique sound vibrations that make up the natural universe. These sounds are known as mantras. They help to clear the mind of all distractions. This practice is effective in reducing stress levels and can help reduce the risk of developing diseases.

Everyday life is affected by the energizing effects that sound has on our lives. We want to dance when the music plays. Superlearning is possible with music from Bach and Handel. Sound can have a profound impact on our health and well-being. If a sound can heal, why would we need drugs?

* Getting dependent is my greatest fear in life.

* I didn’t feel comfortable with the idea of relying on my boss, my doctor, my expensive insurance, or the government for my healthcare.

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