Sounds of Boggs Mountain Sound of Music The Power of Vibrations and Sound, Music and Sound

The Power of Vibrations and Sound, Music and Sound

The Power of Vibrations and Sound, Music and Sound post thumbnail image

In my article entitled “The Wonders of Sound”, I explain about Chladni’s figures. This article will show you the power of Vibrations and Sound and Music.

One word can explain the universe! Vibrations! It’s all vibrations.

Scientists have now concluded that waves and vibrations are the main components of the universe. It is composed of vibrations.

Scientists are looking for a theory that could tie together all theories. One theory is required.

This theory will unify us all by using vibrational energy.

We produce vibrations when we speak. Vibrations creates sound. Sound can take many forms.

When sound is arranged in a certain way with specific rules, we refer to it as music.

Music is an inexpressible force.

This can be illustrated by a case from Indian History.

Indian kings used a court musician to be appointed.

Tansen was a well-known musician at the Court of Emperor Akbar. He sang many ragas. His voice will captivate the listeners. Deepak’s favorite raga is this one. He will create lightning effects when he sings it. Deepak raga will ignite flames

He used to manage this rage with care. Akbar was aware of this raga. Tansen was asked to sing Deepak raga. Tansen declined to tell him about its lightning effects.

He ordered Tansen to follow his orders, but he was a king.

There is no other way. Tansen was willing to sing, but he wanted Akbar at a lake.

A platform was built near the lake. People assembled. With great excitement, Akbar came to the lake’s edge. Tansen began his Deepak. He was suddenly in the middle of flames when he reached the climax. He began to burn. To escape the flames, he leapt into the lake.

Akbar was very sorry for his stupid order and asked Tansen for forgiveness.

Tansen explained that the lightning effect was caused by vibrations from the music.

Every vibration has its own effect. They can create different forms.

The correct vibrations can produce rain, fire and earthquakes

Vibrations permeate our bodies.

Our bodies circulate blood in waves.

Everything has a rhythm. The creation is full of vibrations and waves.

Cymatics is a branch in science that explains all things about vibration, sound, and forms.

Music’s power is a huge topic. Music can heal a person from both his mental and bodily ailments.

To harness the power of vibration for our own success, we must learn how it works scientifically.

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